• Specifically designed for heavy flow, the Molped Maxi Thick Sanitary Napkins provide ultimate protection during periods
  • Features an ultra-absorbent polymer core with 80GSM thickness to lock away fluid quickly
  • Middle absorptive wood pulp layer works synergistically to retain moisture and prevent leaks
  • Unique Air Channels allow air to circulate and keep surface clean and dry
  • Soft, breathable MaxiSoft cover gives luxurious feel against skin
  • Cottony soft, non-woven fabric is gentle for extra sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
  • Anion strips powered by citronella help eliminate odors and prevent rashes
  • Flexible hot melt silicone patches grip underwear firmly
  • Large wings provide all-around leakage protection
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and discretion
  • Pads remain intact even when soaked for secure performance
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties eliminate disease causing germs
  • Suitable for overnight use or heavy periods with fewer pad changes
  • High grade raw materials assure safety and biodegradability
  • Pads specially contoured to the body’s shape
  • Strong adhesive keeps pad firmly in place for maximum comfort
  • Ideal sanitary protection for women of all ages
  • Blue ‘Dry Max’ strip indicates saturation level
  • Pack contains 6 pads which are individually wrapped

Go for the Molped Maxi Thick Sanitary Napkins to experience a new level of softness, hygiene and high absorbency during those difficult days of the month!

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